Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Fishing is Great

Well now. Me and Neil are in 15th place in the Triton Series standings. I`m going to brag a little. After three tournaments I feel pretty good how well we  have done. Three months. April,May,June. Three tournaments. Six days of practice. For those of you that fish you know where I`m going with this.For those of you that do not I will try to give you an analogy. First thing comes to mind is a piano recital. You say what! Yea lets just say you are a accomplished piano player performing a recital to all your peers and you only had time to learn a new song in about ten minutes. All your skill will get you through it but will it be perfect? Fishing tournament is a little like a song.When you get the rhythm things go good. You get out of rhythm and it gets tough.Thats when the desire and sheer love of fishing comes in. It is getting up early before the sun and knowing that hey we get to go fishin. Winning is always good. But the true motivation is the challenge and good ole competition of you against those little green fish. I want to thank God for the privalage to be an American, and mostly being his child. Next tourny is in August those boys and fish better look out. We are going to be ready! Here is the link for the results..http://www.nicholsteamseries.com/2011/EVENT3/Event_Three.htm

Monday, May 9, 2011

Falcon Rod Grand Challenge Tourny

Me and Kyle fished saturday May 7th in the Grand Challenge. There were 491 teams the lake was busy. We had 14.12lbs. just three places out of the money. It took 14.36lbs for 30 place last check. We finished 33rd. Oh well we still had fun. We caught our fish on spinnerbaits and texas rigged fighting frogs. Better luck next year. Me and Neil Holley got our next tourny this week the 15 of May. I will post our results. Bye for now sports fans.  Bill   


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bass Fishing

Well now its about time. You can still put in the work and reap the rewards.This year me and Neil Holley are fishing the Nichols Marine Team Trail . There are four regular tournaments with a end of the year champion ship. We were blessed with a fourth place finish the first tourny of the year. We also took big bass honors with a 7.31 largemouth that Neil tricked into biting a jig.That Neil is one heck of jig man and a super all around angler.I`m looking forward to fishing with him this year. We used to fish team tournys back in the day . We always  held  our own back then . But God and family come first fishing second, work is in there somewhere to but only when your out of boat gas.So here 20yrs later we are back at it again. I think us old farts can still bring em in.Any way here is a little report on whats going on.The bass are coming up from their winter haunts. In some parts of the lake some are starting to  spawn . In other parts they are really wanting to. I would say on this next moon it will be on. But really now are they not always getting it on in April s  Moon Phase in Oklahoma? Well sure some years are different then others. But for this year I would say it is right on time.We caught our fish the old fashion way fishing shallow water close to the spawning flats. Jigs and plastics. Here are the pics ands results from the first tourny. April 10  2011
Thanks to all give us a call or email. Bye for now. Bill



Spring is here

Well long time no blog. The fish are biting and there is so little time to fish. Got to work more now days to fish less. But the days you get to go seem more special now days. Kids are grown. But along comes a grandson and it is all worth it. Time to stop bitching and start counting the blessings. God has been so patient with us. We are living the dream and Grand lake is our playground. God allowed us to be born in the best country on the planet. We can only do our best to honor and praise him with every breath we take.Thank you Father for your son Jesus Christ our savior.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2010 Deer Season

This year was a good year. We shot 13 deer. No big boys this year but lots of meat!http://s1034.photobucket.com/albums/a426/billsfloors/2010%20deer%20hunt/

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flint Hills Reunion Tournament

Dennis Allison and Dean Deitz win the fourth annual Flint Hills Reunion Tournament on beautiful Grand Lake

It was a tough day on Grand. But we caught fish and had a great time.Thanks to Debbie,Deanna, Tammy and Tony.We could not done it without them. And thanks to everyone that came. Come again next year and bring us more people.The more the better.Check out this link for pics. http://s1034.photobucket.com/albums/a426/billsfloors/flint%20hills%202010/

Sunday, July 11, 2010

week of July 4-10-10

http://s1034.photobucket.com/albums/a426/billsfloors/grand%20lake/grand%207-10-10/  Well we all survived the week. Sure did have a good time.Check out the pics. Just go to the link above. Love the Douglas Family